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Top 10 Reasons Shower Heads Are Better Than Men

I know it’s been like a year since I posted anything, and I really have no use for this anymore . . . I mean, I thought it’d be funny to post this and hope you get a laugh out of it.

shower headThe top 10 reasons why shower heads are better than men:

10)       Won’t spend all of your money, except for that water bill because, well, you know.

9)         Won’t ever cheat on you, unless you have roommates, or your mom stops by for a visit.

8)         Won’t ruin your credit, unless you go crazy with upgrades from the local Home Depot…Aisle 10, not that I’d know…

7)         Won’t give you STDs, unless you define that as Short-Term Delirium.

6)         Won’t get you pregnant

5)         Is cheaper than an array of adult toys – woo hoo!

4)         Will leave you feeling fresh and clean every time

3)         Will never make you sleep in the wet spot, unless you washed your hair

2)         Never asks you to reciprocate

And the number 1 reason shower heads are better than men:

Good vibrations, baby! – ahem, you’ll need a massaging shower head for this.

Holy Mother! Clancy, I want this shower!!!

shower heads


Caribbean Ice Tea

I apologize for the lack of photo, but I couldn’t freakin’ find one…and do you know how hard it is to try to take a picture of the damn thing when your customer is waiting for their drink? Yeah, so not happening.

Anyway, give this one a try.


Mixing instructions:

Mix all of the ingredients together and serve over ice. Garnish with an orange.

Recipe from

Working Girl

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Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark is a handmade whisky (traditional Scottish spelling of whiskey), which is also considered bourbon, from Kentucky. Here’s the site, check it out. They offer tours. Clancy wants to go real bad.

Have I mentioned I hate whisky?


Awesome Photo!

What do you think of this awesome photo the Dirty Russian took of me? 🙂 That’d be Hooligan Photography, bitches! Go pay them a visit and check out their site. It rocks!

Beach Bum

Here’s a fun one!


1 part Orange juice

1 part Bacardi Limon

1 part Sprite

Pour into a glass with ice. Stir.


Fairytales vs. Reality

You know that part in the fairytales where the girl is so happy because her Prince Charming has rescued her from her miserable life, and the birds are singing, animals rejoicing, and it’s like she’s floating on clouds? Yeah, I am so there right now. Not that my life was really so horrible or anything, but right now Mr. fucking Perfect and his wonderful daughter are something I’ve always wanted, and they’re here in front of me and a part of my life.

Don’t worry, reality will hit me soon enough.